samedi 30 avril 2016

It is not a poem - One love, one lie

One love, one lie
Everybody is lying !

Do you think someone can really love you?
Love is a lie !
I do not know if someone can really loves me...
I think the secret of love is a good balance between lie and truth.

I need someone who can tell me the truth on the essentials:
His feelings about me, about him, about our relationship
I need someone who can tell me his feelings about our future.
I need someone who really wants to have a profound love:
Fresh, safe and genuine.

He will lie to me... I have to handle this.
He will lie about his friends because he knew I will be jealous
And that he will have no affairs because he feels good in our relation.

I can handle harsh criticisms and I prefer to hear them than lies.
But I am lying sometimes as well although I really do not like it at all.
Moreover my face is too expressive to give me the opportunity to lie correctly...

What do you think about this?


Have you find your L O V E ?

Enjoy your weekend

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